Energy Independence Jobs

Details coming soon…

Summary: Energy Independence is a matter of national security. We absolutely cannot rely on foreign oil or imported coal. We need to support all domestic production activities if we wish to not find ourselves embroiled in foreign wars. My Energy Independence Plan will beef up coal mining, oil drilling, and fully utilize alternative sources of energy like hydroelectric by completely reconstructing river dams throughout the country, solar energy by using remote and inhabitable areas to create acres of solar farms, wind energy and more. At the same time, we will also beef up domestic production of traditional sources like coal and oil. This plan will create thousands of jobs in the country and help bring on the Roaring 20s!

* Please note that this special election arose because of the unexpected passing of our current Congressman. I had originally intended to have this policy position ready by August in preparation of the Primary Campaign. I am doing my best to complete this as soon as possible.