Health Insurance Reform

Details coming soon…

Summary: We need to model a National Health Commission after the Federal Reserve. This Commission will be headed by the executives of the largest health insurance companies as well as insurance experts appointed by the President; identical to the Federal Reserve. This Commission will serve as the “single private payer” to collectively negotiate prices on behalf of Americans. By doing this, we can drive down health costs by as much as 60%. This is effectively the same as a corporate merger and consolidation of the insurance companies; but only the price negotiating function. This plan will benefit all Americans nationwide by driving down the cost of healthcare. This plan will benefit the economy because it consolidates and pools a critical function of insurance companies; less cost means more net profit and dividends for shareholders. This plan benefits everyone.

* Please note that this special election arose because of the unexpected passing of our current Congressman. I had originally intended to have this policy position ready by August in preparation of the Primary Campaign. I am doing my best to complete this as soon as possible.