Tax-Free Retirement

You paid your due to the Great Society. You’ve earned the right to retire tax-free.

Details coming soon…

Summary: This is a tax cut for Americans age 65 and older. The plan calls for the first $150,000 from a 401(k) to be tax-free if withdrawn after the age of 65. In addition, the first $100,000 of annual passive income at or after age 65 will be tax-free. Distributions from a Roth accounts will not count against annual passive income limits so those that used Roth accounts benefit as well. This is a tax cut for Main Street Americans that have earned it.

* Please note that this special election arose because of the unexpected passing of our current Congressman. I had originally intended to have this policy position ready by August in preparation of the Primary Campaign. I am doing my best to complete this as soon as possible.